Want to help out at an African Charity? Here's your chance to challenge your preconceived ideas about 'mission'!

Every year, volunteers come from all over the world to assist with our projects. In the past, people from England, Canada, Ireland, USA, Zimbabwe and beyond, have brought their expertise, enthusiasm and willingness to serve. Some stay for as little as two weeks, others stay for years!

Project Gateway hosts volunteer teams throughout the year and you could be a part. With the exception of flights, we can organise your entire itinerary. including your practical work, accommodation, catering, laundry, internet access, and transport. We can even organise a visit to a game reserve!

Volunteers are accommodated in the former cell blocks (renovated since Gateway opened!). We can also give you the opportunity to see some of South Africa's geography and people with organised trips to the Drakensberg, Lesotho or St. Lucia.

Most teams that visit us do practical work on site which generally includes ground clearance, painting or cleaning buildings that the Gateway projects use. Staff involved in projects are kept busy serving the poor, the sick and the vulnerable, and do not have time for routine maintenance, so it is a huge blessing to them that volunteers and teams are able to assist in maintaining the site.

As well as this, all teams will have the opportunity to go out into the community to get an insight into the work that the different projects are involved in. We will also try to organise a work project out in the community. For example, one UK team built a jungle gym at a crèche in one of the rural communities and another paved and painted another crèche which greatly benefited the local people.

For people looking to volunteer on a more long term basis, we would ask you to consider which of the three areas of service; Education, Care or Empowerment, you would be most interested in being a part of.

Whether you are part of a team already or whether you come as an individual to make up a team, we would love to have you. The first step to volunteering at Project Gateway is to contact us, and we will send you our latest Teams Brochure. We look forward to hearing from you!