Empowerment  Craft  Training  and Asset Based  Community Development. – 30 year book.  



The Crafters' Training Programme continued throughout 2011 and 2012.  The funding was received as a result of Project Gateway being honoured with a Merit Award at the Impumelelo Community Awards at Arts Cape, in Cape Town in May of 2010.

The scheme was part of our ‘Empowerment’ series of programmes and teaches groups of local people the skills they need to build the success and productivity of their own businesses. 

The course topics cover:

  • Conflict Resolution, Justice and Peace Practices and Trauma Healing
  • My Life, My Health
  • My Rights as a Women
  • Quality and Production
  • Design and colour
  • Sales and Marketing


The Craft Training Programme aimed to empower community based organizations and individuals from within the target communities.  We did this by providing practical training in areas of creative product design, business and marketing strategies, as well as life skills such as human rights and HIV and AIDS awareness.  This training enabled them to take action for positive change within their lives and communities.

In January 2012 we started our Craft Training Mentoring Programme, which assists the leaders of the craft groups we had trained, with added Business skills and teaches how to develop a Business Plan for the Group.  Each person or group is required to complete a Business Plan which is then submitted to the Management Team.  We had our own retail outlet, “Wearable” on site and expanded this during 2016 by adding a craft retail outlet in the United Kingdom.  The total number of Crafters mentored was over 160 people representing 15 Craft groups.  Wearable was for “Trade with us and we are able to assist ourselves and our communities”.


Asset Based Community Development and Conflict Resolution

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) aimed to uncover and utilise the strengths within communities as a means for sustainable development.  It was one of the modules within our Crafters Training Programme.

The Objectives were:

  • To create an awareness of the dynamics of the group that could prevent it from performing at its fullest potential
  • To raise awareness of the surrounding area and the resources available to the group.


Pastor Jabu continues to run this course for local communities particularly the local Church leaders in various areas where conflicts continue.   It proved to be very successful and many of these same groups continue to generate income for themselves and their families.