Unusual Kindness. (ACTS 28 v 2)

We are called together to show kindness towards one another in the world that has experienced broken relationships, wars, hunger, racism and worse cases of political oppression and economic exclusion. The best and effective way to show kindness is through the giving of your natural gifts and talents to improve the life and well-being of others, especially the vulnerable groups in our society.

As we go about showing and acting this kindness, we must remember that both the poor and the non-poor are core-partners in showing of this kindness.

 It is not the case where the non- poor are always seen as the masters that provide resources for the upliftment of the poor, and therefore they have earned the right to decide as to what needs to be done and for who?  

No! It’s a new day altogether. The poor must be allowed to exercise their agency – the right to think, plan and decide as to what needs to be done, where, how and for who?

Our mission at Project Gateway has been that of facilitating the process of bringing the poor and non-poor around the table to engage in dialogue and formulate well-researched strategies that will bring an end to poverty in our life time. We have made it our primary goal and focus to encourage the less fortunate people in our communities to take responsibility and become masters and subjects of their own development.

Working together with local churches and different groups in the communities has indeed yielded to notable developmental goals. Over the past years we have noticed women starting viable crèches, productive community gardens and feeding their own poor people and young children in those early childhood development centres. The agency of the less-developed people in our communities has really made them to be subject not objects of their empowerment and economic development. Graduates from our Gateway School of Fashion have transformed their economic status from zero – earning nothing at all to starting businesses that are profitable.

The support from our Board members, their leadership and wisdom without which Project Gateway cannot and would not be what it is today. Your Kindness and commitment has indeed fuelled both CORE  (Central, Operational ,Resource and Eldership)Management team and staff to go an extra mile and render professional Christian seasoned service to our beneficiaries. We will continue to look forward to your leadership and guidance as we journey along the finish line making development a tangible reality to all South Africans and beyond. Thank you.

To our staff and volunteers – your dedication and your unquestionable commitment beyond working hours has made a huge difference in many lives both young and old.

The generosity of our funders both in South Africa and abroad has made Gateway’s dream come true. You have put wheels on our development vehicles not that alone – but you also have put fuel in our tanks. No doubt or confusion about the way forward, we are advancing the good cause of our development goals.


Showing unusual kindness to all humanity living in not so kindly world systems, has been our recent mandate.  For the road ahead, between the now and the future there are lots of questions that we do not presently have all the answers to.  To such questions we are trying to find out some meaningful solutions.  As to what the future is going to be like beyond 2020 and 2021 with the COVID-19  pandemic, the pandemic’s impact on human capital and our funding situation is already here with us right now. Turbulent times are confronting us, and we in turn, must be able to respond in a responsible manner of approach.  Much reflection and forward planning is highly recommended as we seek to find our common future together.  We will continue doing the ultimate without neglecting the penultimate for the greater good of all humanity.

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabanthu