Update from the CEO - Showing Unusual Kindness 2021

In times such as these Project Gateway has not stopped showing  unusual kindness even in the mist of these unprecedented times. As a church based NGO, we have decided to learn new ways of doing development and welfare programmes because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. By looking, asking and meeting people our experiences have completely changed and we began to feel and were touched by their particular situations and experiences.  A new way and approach of dealing with social ills has emerged and has empowered us as an organization to improve the tools of our social analysis.

Unprecedented Times:  The pandemic invaded and disrupted our way of life and our methods of doing theology and development. The pandemic became a major game changer in 2020. The pandemic imposed new ways of relating to one another and new ways of doing theology and development. As social beings by nature and always yearning to socialize the Corona Virus COVID-19 has imposed anti-social barriers upon us because we are no longer able to come closer to people to look, see, feel and to be able to be touched by other’s situations of need.

Putting people first:   In 2020 by God’s Grace alone, Project Gateway continues to facilitate the process of development and brought stakeholders together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and all associated social ills. Together we have managed to offer high quality transformative education to all our learners in Gateway Christian School and we had a 100% pass rate in December 2020.

Our empowerment programme yielded  the same results. We have seen young people graduating and they have learned new technical skills that will help in shaping their destinies economically.

During the heat of the pandemic, we have served families by providing food vouchers and medicines to the value of over R35,000 from March to December 2020.

Once again we are humbled by the generosity of all our funders in South Africa, United Kingdom and USA. Your unusual kindness has indeed saved and changed many lives. The amount of commitment and self-denial shown and demonstrated by the staff here at Project Gateway was heartwarming and soul refreshing.  During the pandemic, staff members, risk their lives to pursue developmental goals for the sake of all those who are less fortunate than themselves. Well –done fellow friends.

We also like to extend gratitude and appreciation to the local businesses and NGO’S for the unquestionable commitment you have shown in partnering with us to reach out to the communities. Through our Old Prison Museum, we have spread the message of peace and reconciliation through theatre plays and singing. Indeed many communities are being taken out of “darkness into light” by transformative acts of kindness, love and healing of memories.

In closing: Umuntu nguMuntu ngaBantu, meaning, “You are what you are because of other people’s efforts”.

Rev Jabulani Mnculwane –CEO Project Gateway.